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About LulieVision

The Designer 

Lulie Herigstad is from Seattle, Washington, and she made New York City and Los Angeles her homes for more than 30 years before returning to the Puget Sound.

While in LA her talents included being a fashion designer, doll artist, movie sculptor, costumer, performer and volunteer at festivals and Burning Man.

Lulie has art works in feature films, galleries and private art collections around the world. She has trained in the arts and design in Seattle, New York City and Los Angeles.

She continues to be inspired by her creative journey, craftivism, and by the exciting people and places she encounters!

Lulie lives on a small farm near South Puget Sound with the love of her life, Alf, and her talented granddaughter, Sheena.



I believe in loving what you do, living life fully every day and giving ones absolute best to all endeavors! (Oh, and 'Leave No Trace' and 'No Spectators' are great things to live by, too...!)



LulieVision is committed making a positive difference in the world. I upcycle, recycle, and use the earth and its resources as responsibly as possible. I use cruelty free materials to create beautiful, durable, products. I donate time, materials and select pieces to causes and chosen charities every year.

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