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How do YOU wear love? 
I use to tell my friends that my motor home was my "prize possession". Now I tell them that my motor home is “the thing that houses my coat”! 
If you have one of your own, you know exactly what I am talking about. 
I love my coat. It loves me back. I have worn it, shared it, slept in it, shown it off, coveted it, made love in it, and on it, laughed in it and cried in it. Thanks Lulie. What a gift. 
If you do not have one of your own, the time is NOW to give yourself the gift of a lifetime. You deserve it. It's amazing. She does see how "fabulous" you already are, and will whisper it to you softly with every stitch and measure.

Curtis C. –San Quentin, CA

True story:

Due to events beyond my control, I arrived at (The) Xara (Dulzura Festival) late on Friday. The night's festivities were well underway. What to do: spend an hour setting up a tent in the dark or go play? Answer: Go play of course! So I threw on my full-length LulieVision coat and wandered off to the crowd and had one of the most amazing nights of my life! Many hours later, I cuddled up snug in my coat under a shade structure and slept peacefully till dawn. It's a coat, it's a wearable sleeping bag, it's a fashion statement, it's a love magnet. I'll never get caught in the cold again without my LulieVision.




Dave “Lucky Dave” A.–Los Angeles, CA

Lulie's coats are the best thing since electric blankets, there so mmmwwwwaaaa. She has fantastic taste and an eye for detail. A top sheila if I've ever met one.

(Mac) M. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I've ordered my coat and am so very excited to get it. Poor Lulie was put under the gun by me and guess what....she made it!!!! She has been so overly understanding with all the changes and all my emails and to top it off she made me a present I love. Not only did I order a coat but a hat also to match my coat and a second hat to replace the one I lost. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!! Lulie should be the official BM (Burning Man Festival) Wear for all and if you don't get one this year, come see me at my camp and just try my coat on and then TRY not to order one for next year (or sooner)!!!! I love you Lulie and thank you for all you do.


Dragi “Flamingo” U. -- Chehalis. WA

I couldn't conceive of going to any outdoor night event with out my LulieVision coat. I never, ever have to worry about being cold at night on the Playa or Antartica for that matter! Also, they are large enough to fit another person cuddling against my warm body - worth the price right there. One of the best features is a secret stash pocket that can hide...well you fill in the rest. I have yet to meet a dissatisfied costumer.

Marc S. -- Ko Chang, Thailand

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